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[Information Collection and Use of customers' personal information to provide customer service]

Rotonda., Co. Ltd. intends to collect and make use of the following personal information as part of the users' compliance. Personal information is required in order to smoothly handle users’ complaints. Please read the contents carefully and decide whether to agree or not.

Personal information collection and use history.
  • Purpose: Handling grievances, responding to complaints, customer service development, and providing information on results.
  • Information to be collected and used:
  • Registered User :
  • (Required) e-mail address, inquiry, registered mobile number, service record, and a record of misconduct

    (Optional) Burrito ID and personal identification information from non-structured information in files directly entered or attached

  • Non-member :
  • (required) e-mail address, information that is personally identifiable among unstructured information in a file written or attached

    (optional) Information that is personally identifiable among unstructured information in a file that is directly written or attached

    Holding period: 3 months from the date of inquiry

    ※ Please note that the information provided directly in the inquiry content or through attached files will be treated as consent for optional personal information processing, so please be careful not to include sensitive information such as resident registration numbers.

    ※ The information subject has the right to refuse consent to the processing of personal information as above. However, if you refuse to consent, there are restrictions on the use of customer service, such as applications for complaints and information on complaint handling results.