Burrito Wallet works with the partners across diverse industries to provide the most user friendly, practical, and secure wallet.


  • 삼성증권
  • NH투자증권
  • IBK
  • 한국정보인증
  • 위메이드
  • 펜타시큐리티
  • Redrock capital
  • Willoughbycapital
  • Casper labs


  • 빗썸
  • Bosagora
  • 1인치
  • 캐스퍼어소시에이션
  • OKX
  • BiFrost
  • Dent
  • Frest Staking
  • XPLA
  • Pala
  • Ozys
  • Bithumb Meta
  • Aniverse
  • KlayDice
  • Swap Scanner
  • 릴리어스
  • 탐앤탐스
  • Super Walk
  • 퍼블리쉬
  • SevenLine Labs
  • Perplay
  • AmoLabs
  • Samsung Games
  • 경남제약 스퀘어
  • SP Labs
  • HiBlock
  • Altava Group
  • Leisure Meta
  • 3KM
  • Apex
  • Hype boy
  • Game HUB

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[Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement for Business Partnership]

Rotonda Co., Ltd. intends to collect and make use of the following personal information as part of the requirements to engage in business partnerships through this website. Please read the contents carefully.

Personal information collection and purpose
  • Purpose: Partner inquiry, business development
  • Information to be collected and used: (required) name, email address, inquiry details (optional) company name, and company website.
  • Holding period: 3 months from the date of inquiry

    ※ The user reserves the right to decline the provision of this personal information listed above. Nevertheless, the use of partner inquiry services may be limited.